Moving Tips

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    Moving can be very stressful whether it’s a commercial move or a residential move. While moving and packing, there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. For example, what is fragile? What do you need upon arrival at the new location? These kinds of questions will dictate the actions that need to be taken next and how they should be done.

    Some very important tips we recommended to our customers are simple suggestions such as box labeling. Using a marker to write what rooms are packed in what boxes makes unpacking much simpler. Fragile items should be labeled and taken extra care of. Prior to the packing process, look through your personal belongings and see what really does not need to stick around. Smart packing can prove to be very helpful in making a move faster and smoother.

    More Quick Tips for an Efficient Move:

    1. Have plenty of boxes handy
    2. Unplug all Appliances
    3. Label boxes
    4. Eliminate items that are not being used
    5. Use bubble wrap and ropes to secure items
    6. Do research on the company you hire
    7. Ask for an estimate based on what you plan to move

    For a short distance move, things such as work projects or homework should be left within reach upon arrival in the new home. For commercial moves, what you will need immediately to continue the work flow should be packed for quick and easy reinstallation.

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